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When you pre­pare a pre­sen­ta­tion to get the board mee­ting, it is very impor­tant to know what your Panel wants from you. Often , they need a detai­led sta­te­ment of impro­ve­ment or infor­ma­tion about a par­ti­cu­lar sub­ject mat­ter, but in a lot of ins­tances, you might be asked to address a unique issue the fact that Board need to make a deci­sion regar­ding. Understanding what youre being asked to do can help you plan out your content – for example , in case your board wishes you to present about fresh fun­drai­sing tac­tics, you’ll ought to think about methods to keep them emo­tio­nally inves­ted throu­ghout your pre­sen­ta­tion by sim­ply tel­ling the story of your firm and how these types of new stra­te­gies will increase your impact. 

Yet ano­ther thing to consi­der is how your Mother board iden­ti­fies ’value’ : what are the true secret consi­de­ra­tions they may have in mind when ever revie­wing fresh pro­jects ? Assuming you have a busi­ness-min­ded Board, chances are they will likely give atten­tion to costs and return, when you have a much more phi­lan­thro­pi­cally incli­ned Board, after that they’ll be loo­king at things like sus­tai­na­bi­lity, legacy, or com­mu­nity impact. 

A good way to unders­tand what your board cus­to­mers are thin­king should be to read through the slides ima­gi­ning your­self as a board mem­ber. Think about any ques­tions you might have, and after that either job the ans­wer into your pre­sen­ta­tion or per­haps be pre­pa­red to reply with a regar­ded res­ponse in the Q&A appoint­ment at the end. It has also impor­tant to not for­get that your Board paid mem­bers are active people and also have lots prove plates, so don’t over­bur­den them with fea­ture – keep your pre­sen­ta­tions short and sweet ! 

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